Doll Starts
    Tiny Doll Start Kits!  The original all cloth six inch doll kit is still available!

At the start of each tiny doll is a tiny doll head.  These kits feature a hand made cloth doll head that is individually and fully painted by Susan Fosnot.   No two are alike!  You will make the doll body from Egyptian Cotton Sateen.  Attach the head like sewing a shank button. Patterns include all parts of the doll so you can make additional dolls.  Patterns for clothing are also provided.

Kit includes:
Doll head hand painted and signed by Susan Fosnot
Egyptian cotton fabric for doll body
Reusable pattern for doll and clothing

Original Doll Starts are $130 each.  Dolls with topknots or applied ears can be ordered for $150 each. 
Add $10 shipping and insurance. (United States)

Please email for availability and ordering instructions.  Special orders welcome!
Tiny Doll Start Kits
I will start a doll for you!  Let me make the head, paint the face, and then you finish the doll. 

New Larger Size Doll--Zinnia and Akiko

Tiny Topsy original design features very easy playsuit pattern.
Original Tiny Doll Start Kit features pattern for this dress.  Three different body patterns are included.
Little girls with top-knots--
Smiling or pensive
Two babies with applied ears.
Zinnia and Akiko are each 8 1/2 all cloth dolls.  You will make your doll from a unique hand painted head that I will provide, along with fabric for the body and patterns for the dolls and clothing. 

Zinnia-- Her face will be painted in soft sepia tones to complement the early style clothing. 
Akiko-- An Oriental child .  Jacket and pants are based on a Japanese work suit. 

Kit includes:
--Original hand painted one-of-a-kind head.  Heads will be created as special orders.  When you place your order, you will have a choice of at least two unique faces.
--Cotton Sateen fabric for the body.  Fabric color chosen to match complexion of the doll face.
--Pattern for the doll body and clothing.  Pattern for the head is included so you can make additional dolls.  Clothing for both dolls is included in each kit.

Zinnia and Akiko Doll Start Kits are $150 each. Add $10 for shipping and insurance (United States.)  Please email for ordering instructions.