Each of my dolls is one of a kind, and is completely designed and carefully crafted by myself.  The dolls are made  from cloth, and firmly stuffed.  I paint the heads using traditional brush techniques.  The heads are round, but the faces are flat, with the trompe l’oeil illusion of facial features created entirely with paint. Clothing is made from antique or vintage fabrics and trims.

I am inspired, awed, and ultimately set free by the huge history of oil painting, and by the American folk portraits.
I am also inspired by great doll makers of the past.  You may see the influence of Izannah Walker, Kathe Kruse, the Columbian Doll and the Alabama Baby in my work.

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The Dolls
New small cloth dolls Inspired by early wooden dolls
Seven inches tall, she is dressed in old lace and cotton net.  Embroidered drawers and red shoes complete her attire.
Seven inches tall, she also is dressed in old lace and cotton net.  Her painted hair is in tiny ringlets.
Inspired by a very small china doll, Arlette is eight inches tall.  Dressed in green floral batiste and blue painted shoes.
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