Doll Patterns
Pattern for a little doll!

This little doll is just 10 inches tall.  Nicely rounded head has smooth seamless face.  Jointed at shoulders, hips, and knees, Effie also has needle molded fingers and toes. 

Pattern includes two complete outfits comprised of pinafore, gown, hat, drawers, romper, and bonnet.

Template for face is included. Finished height is 10 inches.

The Revised New Columbian Doll Pattern

Many doll makers are familiar with the Columbian Dolls of Emma Adams, which were first made in 1891.  This pattern is my version of the Columbian doll, and is designed to wear antique infant clothing.  It is true to the original dolls in proportion and overall design, but I have added my own improvements and simplifications.

The pattern includes two options for the arms, and three options for the legs.  There is a thin arm and a chubby arm, so you can choose the one that your dress best fits.  The leg can be made thin or chubby to go with the arm.  The leg pattern, which is an unusual one-piece design, is true to the original Columbian Doll.  There is also a quick and easy leg alternative.

Two designs are included for the face.  One is an authentic Columbian Doll face, and one is my own design for Emma.

Pattern includes Authentic 19th century baby drawers, slip and handkerchief bonnet.  Finished height is 21 inches.

The Googlie girl!

Full faced googlie eyed doll is jointed at shoulders and hips. Arms and legs are chubby. Back of the head is three pieces; one piece on each side and a panel down the middle. Three darts in the front of the neck form the chin.

Pattern is included for panties, dress, and bonnet.  

Template is provided for face and shoes, which may be painted or embroidered.

Finished height is 11 inches.

A Black Toddler Doll

Crown of head is very deep, and may become pointed in the back unless the optional dart is added.  Pattern for an old style one-piece doll foot is provided.  Also included is a pattern for a more traditional doll foot.  Simple mitten hands are sewn with the thumb next to the fingers, which makes this pattern suitable for all weights of fabric. 

Patterns for gown, pinafore, hat, and drawers are included.

Templates and illustrations for face and ears are included.  Finished height is 19”

The Girl With the Curl!
A Baby Doll Pattern

This 1930's style pattern is all my own creation. Baby face is very broad. Three piece back of head allows for fullness at the crown. Feet are shaped for painted slippers. Body is jointed at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Included is pattern for short dress, panties, and bonnet.

Pattern includes template for face and shoes. Finished height is 18".

Maggie Bessie Doll Pattern

Maggie Bessie dolls were made by two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth Pfohl, in North Carolina around the turn of the century.  This is a faithful recreation of their original design.  The pattern yields a maximum amount of realistic shape from a minimum number of pieces and seams.

Authentic early 20th century dress pattern is included, as well as pattern for drawers and slip.

Pattern includes template for the face.  Finished height is 14”.


Betsy Doll Pattern

Designed to wear American Girl (Trademarked) doll clothes, dolls made from this pattern have a virtually unlimited wardrobe!  Head is well shaped, and may have yarn hair or painted hair.  Face may be painted or embroidered.  Feet shaped to wear doll shoes.

Pattern comes with simple dress and panties pattern that is suitable for young sewers.   

Pattern includes template for the face.


Price: Each pattern is $15, plus $1 shipping and handling (United States).  Please email for ordering information.   Patterns include template for the face, but do not include painting instructions except as noted.
Pattern AND detailed painting instructions!

Rosella is inspired by both old china dolls and the all cloth dolls of Izannah Walker, as well as American Folk Art Portraits.

Pattern for Doll And Clothing
The pattern is based on an old china doll body.  This design, called a Steuber type body,  features a specially constructed seat to help the doll sit nicely.  Leather boots and striped stockings are sewn as part of the doll.  This all-cloth doll also features applied ears and stitched fingers.  The dress is a mid-19th century design.  It is all cut from rectangles, artfully gathered and draped. Underwear pattern is included.  Finished height of doll is 21 inches.

Miss Kitty
A little bit cat and a little bit human!

It is said that cats become a little bit human living with us, and surely we become a little bit cat living with them.

This miss Kitty is fun to make and even more fun to dress.  Pattern is included for the old-fashion girl outfit, but don't let that stop you from creating an all new cat-fashion statement!

Head, ears, and arms are created as one unit.  Legs and tail are sewn seprately.  Pattern includes dress, pinnafore, and drawers with opening for tail.  Miss Kitty is 19 inches tall.
Painting Instructions
Step-by-step oil painting instructions guide you in creating the portrait style face and long curls.  Color illustrations show you each step of the project.  Additional instructions are included for glazing technique, mixing colors, and a discussion of brushes.

Price for Rosella pattern with complete painting instructions is $25. 
Shipping is $2.00 (United states)

Pattern based on vintage doll has unusual head construction that yields very life-like shape with a minimum of seams on the face.  Ears are formed as part of a dart.  Nicely shaped arms and legs are suitable for short dresses and short sleeves.  Two pattern variations for straight or bent legs.  Please note clothing patterns are not included
Big Baby Doll
Life size baby doll wears real baby clothes
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